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Outpatient Department (OPD)

OPD provides consultations, diagnoses, and treatments without hospital admission. It offers essential healthcare services including check-ups, follow-ups, preventive care, and chronic disease management, ensuring convenient access to medical expertise.

Inpatient Department (IPD)

The Inpatient Department (IPD) facilitates comprehensive medical care for hospitalized patients. It includes diagnostic services, treatment plans, and nursing care within a hospital setting. IPD ensures round-the-clock medical supervision and specialized treatment for acute conditions and surgical procedures.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

It is a medical treatment for severe mental health conditions, involving the administration of controlled electric currents to induce brief seizures in the brain. ECT is primarily used to treat severe depression, bipolar disorder, and sometimes schizophrenia that has not responded to other treatments. It is conducted under general anesthesia and is considered safe and effective for certain individuals who require intensive psychiatric care.


De-addiction services offer comprehensive support for overcoming substance dependence. They include counseling, detoxification, behavioral therapies, and support groups to help patients achieve recovery and lead a substance-free life.


Counseling provides supportive guidance and therapy sessions to address personal challenges, improve mental well-being, and foster positive life changes.


Psychotherapy involves structured sessions with a trained therapist to explore emotions, behaviors, and thoughts, aiming to improve mental health and resolve issues.

Behaviour Therapy

Behavior therapy focuses on changing harmful behaviors through structured techniques, promoting positive changes and addressing mental health issues effectively.

Psychosexual Counselling

Psychosexual counselling helps individuals address sexual concerns, enhancing intimacy, resolving issues, and promoting healthy sexual relationships through therapeutic support.

Dr. Bipin Patel

Dr. Bipin Patel specializes in mental health psychiatry, offering expert care in diagnosing, treating, and managing mental health disorders with compassion and tailored treatment plans.

MBBS ,DPM, Advance in De-addiction (Nimhans Banglore)

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